Poco F1 Starts Receiving MIUI New Update With February Security Patch 2019

Poco F1 Starts Receiving MIUI New Update With February Security Patch 2019, Poko F1 has started receiving a new stable update which brings February Android security patches and other changes.

The Official Change of MIUI stable update, which is 560MB in size, only mentions updated Android security patches and skips any information about the new features that come with the latest updates.

Unfortunately, the update does not support 4K video recording at 60fps, although it offers Widevine L1 certification that is essential for streaming HD content from services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Poco F1 Starts Receiving MIUI New Update

Poco F1 Starts Receiving MIUI New Update 

MIUI update has been rolling out through the stable channel, but less is known about actual changes that it brings besides the February security patch, which we had already mentioned.

According to a tweet from Poképhone Global's chief Alvin Tse, the developer team completed the update and did not have enough time to write full Chengalog while giving details of the new features coming up with MIUI update.

The executive said that the latest MIUI build also brings new features but failed to share any nuances.


• Poko F1 update does not support promised 4K 60fps

• There is also no WideWine L1 support coming up with updates

• Late March Update will bring support for 4K 60fps video capture

Talking about the features, users were promised that Poko F1 ₹ 20,990 will receive support for Videoin L1 authentication as well as 4K video recording at 60fps via the stable channel soon.

Widewine L1 support later came with beta updates in February, while support for 4K video capture at 60fps was released in the beginning of this month through two different beta updates.

 However, Pokémon Global Head has secured users that support for 4K video capture will come with a late March build of MIUI 10.

In the words of Tse, the update is being rolled slowly to ensure that there is no big bug in it. In addition, users are reporting that there is no fix for issues like battery drain and touch input lag in the latest update, and the option to hide the knot is still missing.

Poco F1 owners will automatically receive a notification when the update is ready for them, however, if you do not want to wait, you can search for it manually by going to the Update Center.

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